Why has my baffle distorted?

Morso O4 complete replacement door

The cast components used inside any Morsø stove are in fact Chrome Iron; this makes the baffles and grates considerably tougher than standard cast iron. Morsø are the only manufacturer to use chrome iron for internal flame path items. This however does not make the parts indestructible and distortion of a chrome iron baffle plate can occur within a stove for the following reasons:

Upward distortion – A baffle plate will bow upwards where there is a layer of debris on top of the plate. This can either be debris simple dropping down the flue (more common on unlined chimneys) or ashes depositing on top of the baffle as the combustion gases are drawn through the stove. If this is not regularly checked and cleaned the baffle can overheat causing the deformation.

Downward distortion – Over-firing a stove will result in a downward bow in the plate usually accompanied by a reddish discolouration. Over-firing will occur if unapproved fuels such as coke or bituminous coal are used but may also happen with smokeless, wood briquettes or wood logs. Over-firing with logs will occur where primary air as been used instead of secondary air.
The best way to avoid damage due to over-firing is the use of a stove top or flue pipe thermometer enabling a good working temperature to be monitored and maintained.